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What is GAINS™ ?

GAINS™ (Guidance, Assessment and Information System) is a revolutionary software platform that provides real-time guidance to ABA instructors via a tablet and a Bluetooth earpiece as they work with a student. The guidance can be tailored to the instructor’s skills level, from step-by-step instructions for novice instructors to abbreviated guidance for more experienced instructors.

Screenshot of the app guiding instructor during therapy. Instructions are given to the instructor both visually (on the screen) and verbally (via the Bluetooth earpiece)

GAINS™ consists of three components

  1. A control console which enables supervisors to develop and manage each student’s teaching plan on their computer
  2. A mobile app which guides the instructors during instruction via a tablet and a Bluetooth earpiece
  3. A central database which records instructor observations of the student’s performance as the lesson progresses

GAINS™ software incorporates a sophisticated data model and filtering agents which respond to the student’s progress and tailor the guidance accordingly. For example, if a child is not successful, GAINS™ will automatically guide staff on how to implement the prescribed error correction. Since the instructor records the student’s performance at the end of each trial in order to proceed to the next one, GAINS™ automatically captures high quality, contextually rich student performance data which is used to create reports.

Screenshot of the therapy tree

GAINS™ also supports instructors by

  1. Tracking the number of successful attempts, automatically fading prompts and tracking reinforcement delivery while doing so
  2. Providing true randomization of the presentation and order of trials, if desired
  3. Automatically showing the correct tasks to work on in a student's program and the last time they were done

What can GAINS™ do for you?

Using GAINS™

  • Improves the quality of ABA instruction delivered by individual instructors
  • Facilitates coordination among instructors (including family members) as the student changes locations and instructors during each day
  • Enables supervisors to develop, monitor and manage individualized instruction plans on their computers
  • Reduces training time for instructors, saving ABA instruction providers time and money
  • Makes instruction progress transparent to payers through easy data collection
  • Provides an opportunity to identify improvements to autism instruction through data mining

Why is GAINS™ different?




and Report

Other companies have developed computerized systems to assist with training instructors and developing lesson plans. They have also developed platforms to collect, analyze and report data. GAINS™ does all this, and in addition is the ONLY product that provides guidance to the instructor during the session.

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