Currently in beta test, commercial launch coming soon!

What is GAINS™ ?

GAINS™ (Guidance, Assessment and Information System) is a comprehensive guidance and assessment platform for Applied Behavior Analysis that consists of the following components:

  1. A web-based Management Console accessed via a computer
  2. An Instructor Interface accessed via a smart phone or tablet that uses a Bluetooth earpiece to automatically deliver assistance to staff
  3. Secure, cloud-based storage of data, program information, and student databases

What does GAINS™ do

GAINS™ acts as a virtual assistant for both supervisors and staff. It both enables them to do current teaching programs more efficiently and also provides them with new capabilities. GAINS™ does not replace the clinician, it takes care of routine work and allows them to focus on the student.

For Staff directly working with students, GAINS™ automatically:

Simplifies program selection Offers only the programs currently assigned to the student, eliminating the need to search through the binder to find them
Streamlines data collection Records the result of each trial with one of three simple gestures indicating success, failure, or mistrial
Allows full concentration on the student Provides audio prompts and records results without need for looking at the device
Provides step-by-step guidance Fades and increases prompts and provides reinforcement schedules in real-time while working with the student
Tracks movement within a program Reports running total of trials performed and percentage independent or successful in real-time
Tracks progress between programs Advances from program to program based on the student’s performance
Eliminates data entry Uploads all data (including contextual data and anecdotal staff reports) immediately to the cloud

For Supervisors, GAINS™ automatically:

Streamlines program creation and assignment Acts as a central repository for programs, which can easily be copied and modified for different students
Simplifies student and staff assessment Provides real-time tracking of student activities and progress
Automates data collection Collects real-time granular student performance data such as inter-step delays, prompt delays, time to run program, percent successful/ independent
Provides audit trail Shows time instruction is begun and completed, and provides detailed list of activity during instruction
Supports parental involvement Allows parents or family members to be included as Staff for their child
Provides management insight Offers Progress Reports, Clinical Reports, and Management Reports

What Reports does GAINS™ Offer?

GAINS™ offers supervisors three types of reports:

  • Progress Reports (currently provided for insurance):

    • Track an individual student’s progress
    • Report number and type of program completed

  • Clinical Reports:

    • Student’s progress over selected time period
    • Generation of single-subject graphs including automatic differentiation of treatment phases
    • Comparison of one student’s progress to another student or group average via semi-log plots
    • Indication of trend and variability

  • Management Reports:

    • Student’s progress grouped by instructor
    • Completion rate of assigned programs by instructor
    • Comparison of one instructor’s activity to average instructor’s activity

What Teaching Methods does GAINS™ Include?

Currently, GAINS™ offers two ABA teaching methods:

  • Discrete Trial Training

    • Automated tracking of trials completed and current rate of success
    • Staff prompts for fading and error correction customized to your program’s criteria
    • Completely custom prompt hierarchies with up to 10 separate prompting types
    • Automated baseline procedures customized to your program’s advancement criteria
    • Marking of goals as mastered when appropriate
    • Automated progression through field size and various targets, including automation of mixed and mass trials

  • Backward and Forward Chaining

    • Customizable prompt hierarchies with up to 10 separate prompting types
    • Advancement and regression criteria as defined by the supervising clinician at your program
    • Direction of staff through reinforcement and error correction in real time

Why is GAINS™ different?

Other companies have developed computerized systems to assist with training staff and developing lesson plans; they have also developed platforms to collect, analyze and report data. GAINS™ is the ONLY product that assists staff and supervisors through the entire ABA instruction process. It automates all of the routine aspects, enabling staff and supervisors to concentrate on the student.

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